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Are you seeking support in motherhood? Are you facing postpartum anxiety or depression? Is early motherhood feeling overwhelming? Are you severely sleep deprived, and don't even have time to take a shower? I'm here to help!


Mama, does a flower grow and blossom completely unsupported? No. Nature is fully supported, by the rain, the sunshine, the lovely pollinators, the nutrients in the soil, and more. We are sisters to the flowers, we too are innately designed to be supported. We too are nature. We require this support to be able to blossom.


My name is Summer Joy, I am a Postpartum Practitioner & Doula and my passion is in guiding mothers to thriving living in the postpartum and beyond. My role is to support your own innate abilities to grow, heal, and thrive!

I would be so deeply honored to be like the sunshine and soil to your family.


Please check out my offerings below, I'd be delighted to connect with you on a free invitation call today!

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Lakewood, CO

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